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So where exactly?

This year we all meet for the international gathring at the Days of love  festival in the north, in the enchanted deer forest in Moshav Odem. Which is located at the Golan Heights in Israel.      Link to the elk forest website

Accommodation & Food ...

JName a number of accommodation options in the place and in the area.
camping:A tent on a grass surface, a small compound of your own and a refrigerator for each compound in a shared kitchenette.

Cabin for 4: Made of wood, including a double bed, a bunk bed, toilet and shower, air conditioner, small refrigerator, l
ighting and electrical outlet. 
Cabins for 6: Wood that includes a double bed with 2 bunk beds, air conditioner, refrigerator, shower and toilet.l
ighting and electrical outlet
There are several B&Bs in Moshav Odem within walking distance of the festival area.The twinning of the B&Bs directly in front of the B&B owners. 

eat food and drink

A caterer who will be with us will feed us three vegetarian meals
on the day. In addition, a chai shop complex with hot drinks, smoothies and more surprises.....

Small kitchenettes with microwave, gas, sink and small refrigerator for each camping area for those interested in cooking for themselves. 

A little about hygiene and such

There are  throughout the festival complex in the lodging areas near the tents and camping personal shower cabins with hot water and toilet cabins.
Wooden cabin for 4
 wood cabin for 6 
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