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Days of love

.Love is in our DNA; we live to create unforgettable experiences

This festival is our world; We have invested in it the affection, the vitality and all the creativity. Ours, to transcend and be whole, embracing and loving in a way only biodance knows

Days of love is where we connect

Biodancers   come together to one big Vioncia that is unlike anything else

Now is the time to get into action and see for yourself what everyone is talking about.

List of personal equipment, recommendations, requests and guidelines

Recommendations and plans

What is important   to bring

  • Cash (to replace money with a food festival and tea shop)

  • Personal cutlery (a plate of cutlery, a bowl and a bowl for soup) to keep our ball .... It will be possible to buy consumable disposable dishes for an additional 5 NIS per meal

  • Good intentions and an open heart

What to bring

  • White clothes for Shabbat

  • Warm clothes for the evening (Golan Heights cooler)

  • Bedding (mattress only)

  • Bathroom utensils (for hygiene)

  • Blanket (it will be cold at night)

  • Pillow (for convenience)

  • Two towels (for those who are planning a Vionier Haimer)

  • Two-piece swimsuit (for those who are planning Vionita Haimer)

  • Some massage oil and a small bowl (for those who plan a workshop to dissolve in a touch massage, love for women only)

  • Longy to wrap in it (for those who plan a workshop to dissolve in a touch massage love for women only )

  • Something against mosquitoes

  • Yoga mat (for the Feldenkrais and Philistine yogis among us)

  • Pillow for Feldenkrais

  • What else is possible

Guidelines and requests and highlights

  • For those who sleep in huts or huts, please bring bedding and towels (there is only a mattress)

  • Those who stay at the campsite have the option of receiving a mattress for 20 shekels for both nights

  • In the areas of the complex there are outdoor refrigerators for everyone to use with a division by accommodation (also in the camping complex)

  • Toilets and showers are also scattered throughout the designated complexes

  • Finally and perhaps most importantly we are guests in a complex built and maintained by Amitai and Hagit who give their heart and soul to the place.

  • Let the place keep the equipment and cleaning for them for us and those who come after us.

  • Lovers and hugs

  • Dana

  • Neta-li

  • Ori

  • Arnon

  • Rachely 

  • Guy


You can always contact us with any clarifying or misunderstanding question or just because it comes

We will be happy to answer and help

Customer relations team













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